Can shrines

After reading Chris Cleave’s book Little Bee (which tells the extremely sad story of a 16-year-old Nigerian woman seeking asylum), I couldn’t shake the feelings of hopelessness, grief and powerlessness.  A friend suggested that it might help to pray for the women of the world. I decided I wanted to make a shrine specifically for that prayer. I envisioned a shrine that was easy to reproduce so I could make a lot of them and give them away to expand the community of people who would pray for the end of violence. Repurposing seems to be my medium, and I chose the ubiquitous tin can. I like the can because, like women, it is everywhere, it is extremely functional, and it is strong. I use all cans, even bent or dented cans, because we also are dented, scratched and bent, yet still strong and necessary.  While we are all imperfect, our actions and prayers matter, and I am grateful that you are joining me in this hopeful journey.                

Since designing this little shrine, I have envisioned something greater: I want to sell these shrines in order to raise money for organizations that help women who have been victimized, and for  programs that mentor boys to men. I love this quote from Frederick Douglass: "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."  

Each shrine comes with a description stamped on the label from a can.

Can Shrine
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support THE CAUSE

Ending abuses against women: Using a shrine to envision a hopeful future.

50% of the profits from the sales of these tin can shrines will be donated to organizations that empower women or mentor boys to men.  

shrine workshops

Creating your own personal shrine can be a very powerful, fun, and healing experience.  I find the process of creation to be as important, if not more, than the finished product. By immersing yourself in the process of clarifying your intentions, or distilling an issue down to its essence, you find new perspective and healing around an area in your life. I have found this process to be a great tool for integration.

During the workshop I will help you identify the topic of your shrine.  I will supply the art supplies to create the art for your shrine, and I will be on hand to help you realize your vision.  

When you leave, you will have your own custom-made shrine to enjoy!