These viola concerto arrangements were born out of necessity. For most students, access to a pianist is limited and usually occurs in the last stages of learning a piece. I wanted a way for my students to have a more complete experience of the concerto earlier in the process.  For this reason, I created the Viola Concerto Duets.

Students can improve their accompanying skills by taking turns accompanying each other. They will acquire a deeper knowledge of the score through learning the accompaniment part, which in turn helps with their own solo performance. These arrangements also make it possible to perform in venues that don’t have a piano.

Finally, it makes playing music fun and helps us connect with one another.

These duets are not meant to replace current editions of these concertos.  These accompaniments are meant to be used in tandem with the standard editions.

Each duet includes a score for ease of rehearsing, plus a separate accompaniment part for performances to help with the issue of page turns.