I started making these for friends, based on quotations that were meaningful to them.  Musicians are often on the road, and I thought this might be a nice way to maintain a meditation practice while traveling.  This meditation shrine (5”x7”x3”) is made from Virginia heart pine that I salvaged from an old house.  The left side, which I call the “Hommage to Nature”, has a vase and a small shelf.  I think that spending time in nature is very important, so I’ve created a space for small objects you might find on your walk- a feather, rock, flower, etc.  That side also has a small cork board and slips of paper for writing down what you are grateful for today.  The right side is a small tableau that I created around the quote.  The drawer underneath the tableau contains the objects for your practice: votive candle, matches, gratitude slips, and a small piece of worry wood. These are custom made.